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My books are available at bookstores in Brunswick County, NC and around the nation.  Just ask for them by title and author to have yours ordered. 
In Brunswick County, NC, you can find them at:
L'Bookworm - Holden Beach, NC
Pelican Books, Sunset Beach, NC
Bullfrog Corner, Southport, NC
Books n' Stuff, Long Beach Road, Oak Island, NC
Or you can order them directly off of web sites like:
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Authors who have published with Coastal Books:



Jennifer H. B. Fisher, M. S., Stedman, North Carolina

                                            Human Trafficking:  Law Enforcement Resource Guide



       Juliana Morgan, Wilmington, NC


                                                 Zachs Tracks
                                                Buddy Gets a Second Chance 

           Christy Judah, Holden Beach, NC

          The Two Faces of Dixie, Politicians, Plantations & Slaves
             The Legends of Brunswick County, Ghosts, Pirates, Indians & Colonial NC
             Building a Basic Foundation for Search and Rescue Dog Training, 
             Buzzards and Butterflies:  Human Remains Detection Dogs,
             An Ancient History of Dogs:  Spaniels through the Ages,
             The Faircloth Family Genealogy, Three Volumes
             Brunswick County:  The Best of the Beaches. 
             Search and Rescue Training Log & Journal
             Search and Rescue Training Log
   Joyce Jacobs, Shallotte, North  Carolina
                                                           Author and Illustrator of
                                                                    Trailer Park Brats
                                                                  The Thunderstorm
                                                                         Mobile Acres

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